Nov 042010

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I’m often asked how do you FEEL about “sneaky marketing”???

Ah, virtually ALL marketing is sneaky, to one degree or another. An extra tall can with 3 ounces less peas than the regular size can. The advertorial, the infomercial, the fake check, a-pile mail, it’s ALL sneaky.

Then I’m asked how do you FEEL about “gimmicks”?

Some shudder. Some insist “their clientele” is “above” gimmicks. And on that subject, I will deliver a lesson from my Renegade Millionaire System, in brief, reinforcing a conversation had with one of the VIP groups:

* Demographics do NOT alter strategy.
* Demographics do NOT alter copy.
* Demographics may alter (only) presentation.

The $1.00 bill letter may become a $100.00 bill letter. The fake Express Mail envelope may become a real Fed Ex. The free report may have a fancy cover.

But do NOT get lazy about testing.We had two big examples at these recent meetings of meticulous test: pure sneak-up, a-pile envelope vs. envelope awash in teaser copy. A-pile version lost by huge margins.

Why gimmicks work at every level.

Because everybody’s bored, at every level. Because everybody’s overwhelmed, at every level. Because people are people, buyers are buyers, at every level. Because people at every level like to have fun. Be amused.

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