Jul 142010

Dan Kennedy wrote:

“How I wish I could have been at Napoleon Hill’s last Seminar. How I wish I could have spent a few days in a Seminar room, hearing W. Clement Stone’s last Seminar. Robert Collier’s. Etc. Actually, hardly anybody of ‘legendary status’ in their fields EVER conducts such a lifetime of secrets, everything revealed, nothing held back Seminar. There are a variety of reasons such a thing never happens, but none of those reasons stand in my way. That’s why I decided to do THIS Seminar. I wanted to give EVERYTHING that I’ve got to people who would prize it, value it, appreciate it and use it – before I retire. It’s horribly immodest to say what I am about to say, but here it is – I have achieved what few ever do: living life 100% on my own terms, exactly as I choose, and being totally liberated from any need to ‘make money’, without compromise, before the age of 50 – as a ‘from scratch’ entrepreneur. This has not been accidental. Not ‘lucky’. It is the result of a set of very carefully conceived and adhered to principles of entrepreneurship and unusual marketing strategies that, if understood, can be utilized by anyone to equal or even greater benefit

“I have spoken to audiences over 1,800 times, to audiences as large as 35,000, as small as 35, in every nook and cranny of North America, to well over 3-million people total. People have paid thousands of dollars each to attend my specialized Seminars. But I have always been “speaking to sell”. I have always had multiple purposes. Clients’ interests in mind. I have never actually been free to stand in front of a well-qualified group and speak my mind, hold nothing back, have no concern over offending anyone, and let people have an unvarnished look at my entire lifetime of experience.

“At this Seminar, which I conducted only twice – and will NEVER conduct again – I really laid out EVERYTHING that I know about creating wealth and freedom and ideal lifestyle through marketing and entrepreneurship, as I have never done before and never will again.”

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