Jul 152010
As of the time of this post, there’s an awesome bonus for ordering Dan Kennedy’s Lifetime of Secrets Seminar delivered to your home (or office, etc) and I have a special page set up just for you to see it…

Dan Kennedy's Lifetime of Secrets

With your order of Lifetime of Secrets, which includes more than over 30 hours of Dan Kennedy talking about all of his secrets, strategies and how he helped coach people, from all walks of life, to MASSIVE success, you’ll get these PRICELESS and VALUABLE Bonuses…

Nine audio CDs of a CLOSED DOOR Mastermind meeting of those who were able to be at Dan’s seminar, discussing the successes they’d engineered using strategies gained at the “Lifetime Of Secrets Seminar.” Their successes being so great that they spent nearly $1,000 just to have this meeting.

Dan’s unique resource, the POWER POINTS ENCYCLOPEDIA (3 packed PDF manuals).You’ll also get (with your order of the Lifetime of Secrets Seminar) the complete, 3 Volume package of the POWER POINTS ENCYCLOPEDIA!

Dan Kennedy's INFO RICHES PackageAs if the above weren’t enough, to ensure that you’ll be proud to have what many would call a Dan Kennedy Encyclopedia Collection, you also get the INFO RICHES package (if you are one of the limited FAST ACTION takers of this offer)… This package is a best-selling and top-respected course by Dan Kennedy that has directly or indirectly created over 100+ millionaires!

Yes, you can get the “Lifetime of Secrets” seminar at a SPECIAL DISCOUNT (and the above bonuses) here: Lifetime Of Secrets, but you’ll have to HURRY as this offer will not last long…

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