Jul 142010

Dan Kennedy's Lifetime of SecretsWHAT EXACTLY WILL YOU GET IN THIS

  1. DAN’S MONEYMAKING MATRIX, UNTIL NOW PROVIDED ONLY TO PRIVATE CLIENTS. Dan lays out before you the most comprehensive integrated marketing System for creating the absolute maximum possible profits and wealth from any business. You will see the complete, complex, sophisticated Moneymaking-Matrix Dan has used personally and for his private clients. You even get the Matrix in diagram form, to use as your master blueprint for re-designing your business for maximum profits.
  2. SPECIAL STRATEGIES FOR FAST, DRAMATIC INCOME ENLARGEMENT. Dan reveals the inside secrets behind many of his businesses’ and his clients’ most dramatic success stories..… how tiny beginnings have been turned into gigantic incomes, fortunes, even empires with his strategies, time and time again.
  3. WARNINGS — WHAT NO OTHER SPEAKER DARES DISCUSS. Dan discusses the most dangerous entrepreneurial mistakes and hazards that can destroy everything you work years to build in a matter of days. These include Ten Mega-Mistakes & Grave Dangers stubbornly ignored by most entrepreneurs, until it’s too late. These include his own biggest blunders.
  4. ALL THE PUZZLE PIECES FOR “TOTAL FINANCIAL LIBERTY”. Dan has identified SIX CORE ENTREPRENEURIAL COMPETENCIES that must be understood, cultivated, mastered and applied to get total personal and financial liberty. He says: “To live life on your own terms – that is the only legitimate definition of success.” This entire Seminar is about that: succeeding on your terms.
  5. HOW TO UNCOVER AND UNLEASH THE UNTAPPED FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITIES IN YOUR BUSINESS. Dan presented FIVE WAYS A BUSINESS’ ORDINARY CASH FLOW CONVERTS TO WEALTH — do you know what all five are? Or is convertible wealth running through your fingers like water streaming through a sieve? He covered the FOUR CORE SOURCES OF PROFITS in any business — and pointed out that, in 20+ years of consulting, he’d only encountered seven entrepreneurs or CEO’s who could demonstrate effective use of all four. Imagine the advantage you’ll possess equipped with all four! He also revealed FOUR WAYS TO MULTIPLY CUSTOMER VALUE.
  6. WEALTH ACCELERATION SECRETS. Dan insists that individuals and businesses have their own “moneymaking metabolism”, and that it can be turbo-charged, to dramatically speed up the accumulation of wealth….. to reach your own “magic number” guaranteeing financial independence and security.
  7. RID YOURSELF OF “ENTREPRENEURIAL SELF-SABOTAGE”. Dan talked very frankly about the SEVEN “SUPER SABOTAGE” FACTORS that undermine your ability to achieve your goals. Understanding and being on the alert for these Factors can be a remarkably empowering force.
  8. SUCCEED WITHOUT SACRIFICING YOURSELF. Dan has been influenced by a book Napoleon Hill wrote late in his life titled, “Grow Rich With Peace Of Mind”. Although Hill is most celebrated for his famous bestseller “Think And Grow Rich”, Dan feels this later, more obscure work is far more significant. There are issues raised in this book Dan was eager to talk about….. how to command respect in a disrespectful world….. how to have influential and powerful and successful people seeking you out and coming to you for your expertise and services….. how to achieve your goals WITHOUT stress, compromise or being consumed by them. This is a kind of wealth even more important than the bank balance kind.
  9. ELEVEN “SUPER MARKETING STRATEGIES”. These are the Eleven ‘Super Strategies’ that Dan employs for his private clients –individuals and companies each eagerly, happily paying him tens-of-thousands to hundreds-of-thousands of dollars a year. Few businesspeople know, let alone apply all Eleven Strategies. When you re-engineer your marketing with these Eleven Super Strategies, you can quickly create your own Income Explosion. And I can assure you, these Eleven Strategies are NOT available anywhere else!

You might wonder why Dan revealed so much, including so much of what he has previously “kept in his back pocket”, only for his private clients.

Well, Dan is rapidly reaching his pre-determined “retirement date.” He has accomplished everything he wanted to accomplish in his businesses, financially, professionally. He has sharply cut back his speaking. He has a cadre of continuing private clients who wouldn’t leave if you held a gun against their heads. He will soon close the door entirely to any new clients. As a result, he came to the conclusion he no longer had any reason to keep anything to himself, to keep any trick hidden in his bag, to worry about his mystique.

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