Nov 032010

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Get Their Attention Or…

“Who and what will customers be talking about this week?”
You may have heard my interview in the past with Tony Rubleski, author of the nifty little book with the powerful title: Mind Capture.

If you watch HBO, you may have seen their self-promotion commercials that feature thanks from the Water Cooler Association of America, for stimulating so much water cooler conversation on Mondays with their Sunday night programming.

If you watch MSNBC, you may be familiar with Keith Oberman’s Countdown news show: which of these ten stories will you be talking about tomorrow?

Well, you can’t go on the Internet, to anybody’s seminar, to any gathering anywhere made up of marketing and direct marketing entrepreneurs where they aren’t talking about me. That ain’t accidental. Or free, either.

So the question is: your customers, your prospects, your marketplace: who and what will they be talking about this week?

It better be you. Because whoever has their attention right now, wins.

I recently heard an info-marketer complaining about my advice regarding extending the sales cycle for seminars; he was having drop-outs late because he’d sold them so far in advance. Well, selling them far in advance isn’t the problem. Not also re-selling them constantly, that’s the problem.

The “ball” is top of consciousness positioning, and if you take your eye off that ball, you lose the whole ballgame. Out of sight, out of mind. This is where frequency/recency applies, so very, very frequent communication is required. This is where promotional merchandise, like imprinted pens, posters, mousepads fit. (Bobbleheads, too.) For speakers, this is why product in their hands is important. Why a customer newsletter is not an option. Etc.

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